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Why? You will have the tools you need to build your training and coaching business with out the expense of creating everything.
Is this program is right for you.
That depends on your needs and what your vision is. 

When Johnny Mo created More GCI and the GCI Academy it was his vision to build a platform that give coaches and trainer access to tools, training and products that they need to start and grow their business. From the Agent Management Portal to track their numbers to the Agent Success Kit and Mega Agent Planner to Agent On-board. Each product offered offers a dynamic no BS approach to the business.

Not everyone gets to be an Authorized Reseller, we are rather careful who we align with since we are basically going in to business with each other. For those who just want to recommend our services and earn an affiliate payout email and mention Agent Onboard Affiliate.

If you are looking for something deeper. If you have a passion for helping others reach their goals. If you are a trainer or coach and need a system to train from then being GCI Certified is the only way to go. Here is what you get as an authorized seller.

Private Branded Training Site which allows you to earn up to 61% commission for each subscription. 
4 subscription levels 
* Agent
* Broker
* Loan Officer
* Association.

Wholesale availability to our products
* Agent Success Kit
* Mega Agent Planner
* Launch, Grow and Soar

You will be armed with the More GCI Methodology and the UPAD Principles for Success to approach Brokers, Associations and LO's to provide unique and powerful training, provide on-boarding tools and build a recurring revenue stream.

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We have 1 goal. To help others reach their goals and live the life they desire. Click the link and let's talk about how we can help you.

The Heart of the Training Program:
Step #1: How to Launch as a Real Estate Agent

We break down all the considerations as a new agent and lay a solid foundation for growth. Also you learn the pitfalls to avoid.
Step #2: How To Grow as a Real Estate Agent

Once the foundation and expectations are set we move to the growth phase which brings in revenue so you can expand.
Step #3: How To Reach Your Goals

There is no better feeling than setting a large goal and reaching it. As we set goals and action plans we break success down to easy weekly steps.
Where it all began
UPAD Principles of Success
While training in a nationally ranked franchise it became clear that agents fail at an extremely high rate, 87-90% in most cases. Seeking to understand why it became clear that agents lacked Business Management Skills and Accountability. This lead to the creation of the UPAD Principles of Success. 


By following these methods agents gained a clear understanding of running a business learning: 
Commission Break Down
Finances and Budgets
Proper Goal Planning
Daily, Weekly and Monthly Action Plans
the Lead Generation Quadrant
High Yield and Low Yield Activities
The Peace Axis
The 5 Pillars of Life - Self, Family, Business, Finance and Spirit ..... and so much more.
What's in the program
Step 1: 
Members only training site
Video Lessons
- Considerations for starting
- Goal Planning
- Setting Expectation
- Business Management Principals
- UPAD Principles
- Commission Breakdowns
- Finances
- Tax Pitfalls
- Lead Generation Quadrant
- Calling Strategy
- Networking Strategy
- Facebook Strategy
- Referrals and Power Circle Strategy
- Mindset and more

Step 2: 
Agent Success Kit - Digital Version
After the video lessons are completed agents move in the the next 3 lessons which contain the powerful Agent Success Kit. This includes PDF downloads and videos of each chapter from the three 5 star rated books

- Launch
- Grow
- Soar

Your agents will have a full understanding of everything they need to do to succeed, how to plan for it and how to implement it.
Step 3: 
Coaching and Collaboration
Every reseller will be given access to Johnny Mo on a weekly call or as needed to help define and build your business and learn best practices

This is were continued discussion happens, ideas are shared and great value is received by keep up to date with any cutting edge technology, methodology and market conditions.

Weekly live and motivational calls. You can rest assured that your agents will be getting the best info possible with the least amount of distraction.

What Agents Are Saying:
5 Star Review
I am disappointed I couldn't give more stars!!!! Johnny Mo and his program has really helped me to focus and play to my strengths while also acknowledging that I can rock out my daily task with written goals and accountability. This has been an amazing journey so far and it wouldn't have been if it wasn't for Johnny Mo and his phenomenal willingness to share his knowledge. Thank you!! 
- Georgette Jones
5 Star Review
Johnny Mo is the real deal! His training is a must have for anyone just starting a real estate career. He helps you create structure, plan goals, and make sense of everything that will come at you as a new agent. He will help you learn what they don’t teach in real estate school. Sign up! Buy the book!
- Allia Grove
5 Star Review
I can't say enough good things about John and his GCI system. I started his group coaching in November. I spent that month reading his books and learning how to use his GCI system. December was spent writing my 2018 business plan, creating my vision board and painfully learning how to time block. In the first two weeks of January, I took two listings and got 4 under contract. When the flu hit my family it was only a minor setback. John's weekly calls and systematic approached helped me to get back on track with setting two appointments a week. John focuses on what really matters and not just the "fluff" that a lot of coaches focus on. John is all about the business of real estate. He is transforming me, my business and my mindset. Thank you, Johnny Mo!!
- Jessica Kingsborough
5 Star Review
Johnny Mo's eight week mastermind course has been amazing so far. There is no sugarcoating on any of the content discussed and if you implement his practices and principles there is no other end result you could achieve but success. He has help me to get organized get a game plan get systems in place with minimal cost and minimal effort that has reduced his substantial amount of stress. I strongly encourage and recommend all agents of all levels to participate in one form of training or another from Johnny Mo.
- Clifford Raymond Lewis
5 Star Review
If you are a new agent or on your first years in the business. More GCI with Johnny Mo will put you on the path to create a sustainable career. And not become part of the failure statistics. Dont fear the cost. The guidance he will pass on will pay for itself multiple times. sign up and follow thru.
- Armando Rodriguez
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