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The Story of Johnny Mo

Johnny Mo started in the dot com as a network engineer during the big boom. Always wanting to try real estate he entered the industry 2002. Seeing many voids and using his tech skills he quickly went up the ranks and became a top producer for the state and region. Reaching multiple award levels year after year and finally the Hall of Fame from ReMax in just a few years he became a leader in the area. From there he went to the local KW market center and quickly fell in love with training and mentoring agents. Always looking for deficiencies he saw a revolving door of agents so he started some out of the box trainings. 

These trainings focused on the micro level of your business and focused on the understanding that when the minut is accomplished over time, the macro is accomplished by default. During this time he developed the More GCI Agent Management Portal. This SaaS helped agents to business plan, goal track and grow their business.  After helping that market center rank with in the top 5 he went on a journey to grow More GCI. That journey has led him across the country to speak and train at large, medium and small venues. His purpose on this journey is too reduce the attrition rate of agents and help them be the best they can in all verticals of life.

Where it all began
UPAD Principles of Success
While training in a nationally ranked franchise it became clear that agents fail at an extremely high rate, 87-90% in most cases. Seeking to understand why it became clear that agents lacked Business Management Skills and Accountability. This lead to the creation of the UPAD Principles of Success. 


By following these methods agents gained a clear understanding of running a business learning: 
Commission Break Down
Finances and Budgets
Proper Goal Planning
Daily, Weekly and Monthly Action Plans
the Lead Generation Quadrant
High Yield and Low Yield Activities
The Peace Axis
The 5 Pillars of Life - Self, Family, Business, Finance and Spirit ..... and so much more.
  • UPAD Principles and Business Planning: This session can be tailor from 1 hour to 4 hours with 1 hour focus blocks on Understanding, Planning, Action and Discipline, Financial Literacy as an Agent, Goal Planning Correctly for Growth and Wealth, Leverage and Mindset.
  •  Motivation and Mindset: A deep discussion what it takes to succeed at a high level in the business. Taught from the Mindset Workshop, the audience will journey through their minds to discover what holds them back and how to overcome it, while bringing balance to the 5 Pillars.

Do you need a no holds bared speaker? Johnny Mo can bring keep the audience on the edge of their seats waiting for the next nugget. Polished and Refined in speaking yet Bold and Confident you will receive an amazing performance that the audience will appreciate and receive great value from.

After every show we do someone always comes up and tells us, "You were the best of the day", "That was the best thing I have heard, I needed that", "I just wanted to tell you WOW". 

Are you ready to experience the Johnny Mo Show?

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